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Quickie Divorce

Typically, a divorce will take 4 to 5 months from issuing a divorce petition to obtaining the decree absolute. This is as quick as it gets whoever you choose to deal with your divorce for you. It is decree absolute which ends the marriage.

There is a compulsory delay of six weeks between decree nisi and decree absolute. Most of the rest of the delay is caused by delay in people returning the necessary paperwork or in waiting for the court to decide if the paperwork is in order and to fix a date for decree nisi.

A quick divorce always requires the co-operation of both parties.  If the other party cooperates and files an acknowledgement of service promptly then the process may be quicker, but a non-co-operative or hostile spouse can seriously slow down the time it takes to obtain decree absolute. Sometimes the other party cannot be found and as a divorce petition usually need to be served on the other party so again this could slow down the process and make it almost impossible to have a quick divorce. Such divorces take time and there are procedural steps to follow if your partner cannot be traced.

The process to obtaining a divorce is explained elsewhere on this site or you can contact one of our friendly team who will talk you through the process and time frames.